Drupal Camp Manila 2020 - Call for Organizers

We need your help!

We are looking for committed volunteers with experience in the following areas. Here are the roles we'll need for the event:

Speakers and Programming

This person or team should have a good mix of experience and/or knowledge of the community at large. The core responsibility is to promote the speakers' application process and oversee the curriculum offered at the event.

The team will evaluate submissions to select a fair mix of content that is representative of the population in the community and engages all our diverse attendees.


This person or team will oversee fundraising for the event by promoting our sponsor packages. Leverage professional communication skills, friendly and helpful attitude for day-of coordination, are among the critical traits for this team.


This person or team will help manage our volunteers on the day of our event. Tasks include creating and managing the volunteer application process, scheduling orientation calls, scheduling staff for tasks at the event, and of course running the event.

Attendee Experience / Social and Recreation

This person or team will oversee matters related to our attendees. Working closely with our Communications and PR group, this person will write emails sent to attendees, and also have a hand in scheduling social media posts promoting the main event, and recreational activities we invite participants to join in on.

This team will also source and organize our social events, namely our speaker-sponsor event before the conference, and also plan our after-party for all our attendees.

This team will also manage the needs of attendees with life-threatening allergies, accessibility, and issue visa letters to traveling participants who require them.

Website and Design

This person or team will oversee our website design and development and other services or resources needed to run the event.

Graphic Designers / Illustrators who can help design digital and print style guides for our event brand. Tasks will include digital products, print material design, swag design, attendee badge design, and select venue branding design.

Venue and Catering

This person or team will help source and coordinate our event site, A/V, shipping, catering, and assist with event logistical needs. Working closely with other teams, you’ll also assist with venue sponsor branding needs, receiving shipments of swag, badges, and sponsor-related trade show assets.

Communications and PR

This person or team will manage our Social Media and PR presence. You will help write blog posts, plan and schedule social media posting (before / during / after the conference). You’ll also collaborate with programming/speakers wrangler, sponsors, volunteers, and attendee experience groups on materials needed to communicate participation in the event.

Pick one or more aspects you are interested with. You can also volunteer on the day of the event only if you like, but we will send another round of call for volunteers once the date, venue and other details have been decided.

Fill-out the form below:

If the form is not available, you can view via this link here.