Thank You!

 Thank you to our Participants

On behalf of Drupal Pilipinas, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this event. We thank you for sharing your time with us. We give our special thanks to our generous participant donors:

  • Folks from Intrado Digital Media
    • Martin Gonzales
    • Wendel Labarda
    • James Calvin Velasco
    • Chlark Kirby Castillo
    • Richard Orabao
    • Arvin Pacannuayan
    • Julie Cancino
    • Rex Kessell Cabarloc
    • Marcelino Rosario
    • Junard De Leon
    • Leah Moster
    • Lorraine Chua

Thank you to our Speakers

We also want to thank our speakers who have been very generous to share their time and knowledge to everyone. It has been an amazing experience because of you.

  • Ashish Thakur
  • Iwantha Lekamge
  • Roald Umandal
  • Jerome Esperanza
  • Bryan Manalo
  • Adrian Cruz
  • Gerald Villorente
  • Akansha Saxena
  • Carl Alberto
  • Vladimir Roudakov
  • Ruben Teijeiro
  • Kunal Kursija
  • Floris van Geel
  • A very special thanks to Preston So for being our keynote speaker!

We enjoyed and learned a lot from all the sessions. We are looking forward to more speakers in our next events.

Thank you to our Amazing Volunteers

Bigger props to all of the volunteers who have helped us with organizing the event. Our special thanks to the following folks.

  • Abhay Pai for the setting up our site forms and pages
  • Elvin Jeffrey Abquina for the new DrupalCamp Manila brand and logo
  • JP Dela Cruz for our website layout
  • Voltz Jeturian for helping with the camp website theme
  • Paul De Paula as our Speaker Wrangler and Contribution Day lead
  • Gerald Villorente as our Speaker Hero
  • Karen Lozada for our venue and logistics

Thanks also to our friends who have signed-up to volunteer their time to organize the event:

  • Abhay Pai
  • Akansha Saxena
  • Akmal Fikri
  • Albert S Causing
  • Anubhav Tiwari
  • Anul Khadija Tulkubra
  • Bryan Manalo
  • carl alberto
  • Chaitanya Anil Kulkarni
  • Elvin Jeffrey C. Abquina
  • Gaurav Singh
  • Jahirul Islam
  • Jan Philip Dela Cruz
  • Jerome Esperanza
  • Karen Lozada
  • Lelanie T Lubao
  • Mark gelvoleo
  • Mark Philip de Guzman
  • Marylyn Lajato (Ayee)
  • Michael Lance M. Domagas
  • Navya Narendra
  • Ranny Navarro
  • Roald Umandal
  • Rosiliza Rioja
  • Sabbi Kohli
  • Shadab Ashraf
  • Sriram Sitaraman
  • Surabhi Gokte
  • Tanisha Kalia
  • Voltz JEturian
  • Yuri Grasparin

Thank you to our generous Sponsors

We also thank our generous sponsors for staying with us with this event:

  • Pantheon for our Zoom rooms and Silver sponsorship
  • Tech Ops PH for site tooling and our registration platform
  • AWS Manila for hosting our event
  • as our community partner
  • Here Technologies for supporting us and their donation, with special thanks to Gem Devanadera

Thank you to the Drupal Community

We also like to thank the Event Organizers Working Group, with special mention to DrupalCorn and MidCampfor all the people in the committee for sharing their time and guidance on how to set-up this event. Without them, we will never have the confidence for setting up this event.

What's next for DrupalCamp Manila?

We will have another DrupalCamp! As early as now, we calling out for volunteers for Drupal Pilipinas. You will be part of the organizing committee for the next DrupalCamps here in the Philippines. You can take part in helping us with our initiatives, like designing and building the camp website, apprentice programs, and mentorship.

Here in Drupal Pilipinas, our goal is to build a stronger Drupal Community within the Philippines. We encourage everyone to set their own local communities too, and we promise to help you grow.

It was an honor to be part of this event. See you again on the next DrupalCamp!

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