DrupalCamp Manila 2020 turns Digital

Last March 12, 2020, the Philippine Government announced its steps to further address the threat of COVID-19, through Resolution No. 11, which set the Code Alert System to Code Red Sublevel Two (2). Along with this is to restrict "mass gatherings", and restriction of Land, domestic air and domestic sea travel in and out of Metro Manila starting March 15 until April 14, 2020.

We have carefully considered our move and consulted with various DrupalCamps and other event organizers who have either postponed or canceled their events. The common theme is to protect the safety of our attendees, and we feel the same for DrupalCamp Manila.

However, we also think that this is our chance to demonstrate available tools and our abilities to connect virtually or online. That is why the organizers of DrupalCamp 2020 have decided to convert the event into a remote format. All training, workshops, keynote, and sessions will be delivered via videoconferencing and there will be no more in-person event.

What does this mean for attendees?

  • All tickets can be refunded
    • Attendees also have an option to waive their refund, but be automatically added as a Donor. All donations will go toward cancellation costs, costs for the virtual event and as seed funding for our next DrupalCamp Manila.
    • For group, bulk or company purchases, we are offering also an option to convert the total ticket amount to a matching sponsorship package
  • We have created a new set of tickets for registration
    • Our aim is to still track attendees for each day
    • We will send via email new conference details that may include the video conference links, calendar invite slots and more
    • Previous ticket buyers will be pre-registered for the new set of tickets. If you happen to buy partial days previously, please sign-up for the other days you did not purchase before. (i.e., DrupalCamp Days Pass should register for Training and Workshops pass for the 1st day)

Everyone is invited to our new event format. Get your tickets now (it is free!).

Register Here

What about sponsors?

We have published a new set of sponsorship packages. For sponsors who have already booked with us, we are offering an option to retain the sponsorship amount and benefit the matching package in the new catalog. All proceeds will go toward cancellation costs, costs for the virtual event and as seed funding for our next DrupaCamp Manila.

Can I still submit session proposals?

Absolutely yes! While we think doing remote sessions will enable more participants, we also want to limit the number of tracks available so speakers can still have the appropriate number of audience for their topic. We also have to vet and coordinate if speakers can be able to do remote sessions as it requires a conducive environment and a good internet connection. We will try our best to help out coordinate the logistics. Submit your sessions and be a speaker!

What's next?

We look forward to us getting past the virus outbreak. We are working to build a brand new experience for the community. We appreciate the patience and understanding of the change in the format. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to hello@drupalpilipinas.org.ph.

Thank you for your support!

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