KEYNOTE: A new grand compromise in content management

What can we do to ensure that no persona gets left behind in content management, especially as we begin to discuss requirements surrounding digital experience management? In Drupal, we’ve talked about this both conservatively and progressively, with unique features for editors in the context of decoupled Drupal such as RESTful Panels and Paragraphs-driven API responses. At the other end of the spectrum, however, organizations like Acquia have been doubling down on the monolith with actions such as their acquisition last year of alternative layout builder Cohesion DX8.

In this keynote, we look to fields as diverse as geology and motivational psychology and expand our sights to dimensions beyond the static web to forge a new grand compromise between content editors and marketers and their engineering counterparts to foster a bright future for the CMS — and how we can create and contribute to initiatives to support it. We’ll explore the following topics:

  • The second CMS war is officially here: From WCM to DXP
  • Revisiting “Decoupled site building”: How editable should content be?
  • How the separation of concerns is shifting 
  • The incongruity between editors and developers
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in context
  • The hierarchy of needs for developers
  • The hierarchy of needs for editors
  • The distributed CMS: A content management “stack”
  • Our post-CMS era does not mean a post-content era
  • A new grand compromise in content management
  • Epilogue: Drupal in the context of digital experience management

This session is ideal for business stakeholders, technology executives, CMS decision-makers and practitioners, and editors, marketers, and developers who are interested in the emerging frictions in the CMS landscape and how to grapple with seemingly conflicting yet inextricable needs. This is a sequel to the DrupalCon Vienna session “Decoupled site building: Drupal’s next challenge”.



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